Sorolla Museum

Sorolla Museum

Madrid, Spain – January 12, 2011

Today at lunch, my good friend, Ron, and I walked to the Museo Sorolla.  It is a museum showcasing the collection and the works of the painter Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, 1863-1923.  The museum is in his old house.  It is just a few blocks from the embassy.

The Sorolla home is a three-story building with a basement. The garden was extremely nice too.

This was also the first day I was able to use my new Nikon D3100 camera. It worked very well; however, I need to work with it to better understand how to best use the camera.

Madonna and Child.
Hey! I see that sign!
Paintings in one of the galleries.
Detail of Bailaora Flamenca 1914.
A guard walking by.
Madonna and Child bas relief.
Garden bench.
A water fountain in the garden.
A sculpture in the garden.
Another sculpture in the garden.
Above the door to the lower level.
A sculpture on the lower level.
Many pieces of ceramics on display on the lower level.
Detail of a sculpture in the garden.
Coffee at the counter.

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