Tunis Seminar

Tunis Seminar
Tunis, Tunisia
Tunis, Tunisia My first time on the continent of Africa! When I arrived it was dark, so it was very difficult to get my bearings. My room, 3138, overlooks the pool area. I can hear the sea in the background. It is now about 21:30 and I am beat. I got up this morning at about 02:30, so it has been a long day. My first full day was spent in the seminar. It was an interesting day. There will definitely be some things I can take back to Madrid to use there. The evening of that first full day, we went to the restaurant Le Golfe. My understanding is that name means “The Gulf”, referring to the Gulf of Tunis. Dinner was very good. I had medallions of beef with two sauces; one, a brown pepper sauce and the other more of a white sauce. I topped it all off with an orange and lemon sorbet. The dinner was about 50 Tunisian Dinar, somewhere around $35. On the second day, after the seminar, my friend Gary and I went to the Carthage Museum. It was very cold, but it was very interesting. The city the Carthaginians built was a real marvel for its time. Apparently it so threatened the Romans that they came in and literally destroyed the town. Even still, the ruins were fascinating. When we were through, our friend Jim came to pick us up and take us to his home for dinner. On the way, he drove us through the American cemetery for World War II. It was a moving sight. This trip really taught me to have a “plan B” set up whenever I travel. Just a week or two after departing, the riots began in Tunis. A good friend of mine had his family evacuated out of the country. He had a tank sitting in front of his house for several weeks. I am very happy I was able to get out of the country before all of this trouble began.


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