Wainuiomata Coast

Wainuiomata Coast

Wainuiomata Coast, New Zealand – February 8, 2016

I must have gotten sidetracked.  I never posted these photographs from 2016…

A colleague at work recommended the Wainuiomata Beach for beachcombing.  Always interested in a new beach experience, Lorraine, Leslie, Hillary, and I drove about 30 minutes to the beach.  It was barren with few people.  From the beach, one could see Cook Strait and the lighthouse complex at Baring Head.

We were hoping to find some beautiful seashells and sea glass. We found neither. All we saw were rocks and driftwood. Regardless, it had its stark beauty.

As Hillary and I walked the beach, we did come across a man fishing.  I am not sure how successful he may have been.  It looked difficult to me, what with the wind blowing onto the shore and the wave action; I do not see how he could have gotten his bait out far enough to do any good.

On the drive to the beach, we had passed a sign for the Remutaka Forest Park. Leaving the beach, we decided to take a quick look at the park. I am glad we did. I was very picturesque. The only thing that was somewhat irritating was the constant sound made by the cicadas. They were noisy. While I had certainly heard them before, I had never seen one before this trip. They are an odd-looking insect.

Leslie had made lunch before we departed the house.  We found a picnic table in the park and had lunch.  After that, we took a brief stroll and then went back to the house.

View toward Baring Head with Cook Strait in the distance.
Three generations.
A fern beside the stream.
A type of pampas grass.
A stream in Remutaka Forest Park.
Rocks in a stream.
Detail of a stream in Remutaka Forest Park.
Cicada on the tree just above the two leaves.
Wainuiomata River near the coast.
A windblown stump.
Geese and black swans.
An old stump on the beach.
Wondering just how much longer I will be out taking photos.
Fishing from the coast.
The first portrait in New Zealand!
A large rock on the beach.
A small wave coming in on the rock.
Walking toward the beach.
A red-billed gull.

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  1. Thanks Terry. Your photography and narrative never get old. Once again very interesting scenery and objects. Love that you share and I keep learning about New Zealand and your travels.

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