Otaki Sunset

Otaki Sunset

Otaki, New Zealand – February 6, 2018

We were on the road shortly after breakfast.  We departed New Plymouth on our way to the visitor center at Mount Taranaki.  It was a very cloudy morning with scattered showers.

There was virtually nothing to be seen of Mount Taranaki when we arrived at the visitor center. There was not a piece of it visible. The clouds were thick. So, all we could do was look around the visitor center.

Back in the car, we set TomTom for Otaki Beach.  One of my colleagues at work owns a bach (summer home) there.  He was kind enough to allow us to stay there.

After nearly four hours of driving, we arrived at the bach. It sits directly across the street from the beach. It was so relaxing there, especially after some 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) of driving. I was beaten. I enjoyed being by the ocean and watching the spectacular sunset.

Sunset at Otaki Beach.
Sunset at Otaki Beach 2.
Sunset at Otaki Beach 3.
Sunset at Otaki Beach 4.

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