Martinborough, New Zealand -May 4, 2016

Spontaneously, we decided to travel to Stonehenge today; no, not the one in England, the copy located in Ahiaruhe, New Zealand.

A little color in the hills.

When looking at a travel book, I discovered there was such a thing. The name is Stonehenge Aotearoa. Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand.
Before we left, I looked up the attraction on Google. The page indicated it was open that day. One hour and ten minutes later, we discovered the attraction was not open. Stonehenge is on private land. A locked gate greeted us at the driveway, and a nearby sign listed a phone number. We thought that if we called, the owners might open the gate. Unfortunately, the phone call went unanswered.
With that venue closed, we decided to drive to Martinborough, about 15 minutes further. Martinborough is one of New Zealand’s famous wine regions. The short drive was beautiful. After all, it is fall in New Zealand.
Martinborough is not a bustling city; instead, with a population of around 1,500, it is more of a village. We parked in the center of the burg. We wanted to check out some of the shops. It was shocking to see the pricing of items in the boutiques we entered. There were some costly items in town. We also stopped in the local wine store…I know that is a shocker, but even the wine was expensive. We felt our drive for the day was for naught.

The road at the Martinborough town square.
Vineyard view.
A vineyard in the autumn.
A green paddock with hills in the distance.
Panorama of the area near Martinborough.

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