Featherston, New Zealand – May 4, 2016

Disappointed with our day trip so far, we departed Martinborough for the 15-minute drive to Greytown. When we drove through that town earlier in the day, we saw several antique stores. We wanted to go antiquing in those stores.

Directional sign.
A gas station in Featherston.

From where we parked, we walked both sides of the street in Greytown. We entered several antique stores, but we did not buy anything.

Heading toward home, we drove about 10 minutes to Featherston. We found a couple of antique stores in which we found some antique china. We purchased those and then looked for a place to have lunch.

Quite by chance, we selected the Everest Bakery Café Bistro. Once inside we discovered they had a wood-fired pizza oven. That meant we had to share a pizza for lunch. I thought it was delicious. The menu trumpeted their Napolitian Style Wood-Fired Pizza, so we selected the Meat Lover style. It had pepperoni, ham, meatball, olives, and capsicum; all for just $18 (about US$13). We departed the café with a pizza box for later enjoyment.

The Everest Cafe.

About two doors away from the café was a specialty cheese shop. We purchased some cheddar and some manchego cheeses.

From there, it was back over the Rimutaka Pass and on to home.

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