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More Work

Auckland, New Zealand – March 14, 2016

I made a short business trip to Auckland. On my time off, I finally visited the Catholic Cathedral. The Cathedral is on the same site that was deeded to the church in 1841. The existing Cathedral structure dates from 1885. It was a spectacular space.
Walking through the Cathedral, I discovered an Auckland nun had been beatified. Sister Mary Joseph, also known as Suzanne Aubert, lived from 1835 to 1926. She founded the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion and two hospitals in Wellington.
Fittingly enough, across the street from the Cathedral, is a mural of Adam and God.

Before I knew it, I was on my way back to Wellington.
The trip into Wellington was a little windy and bumpy, but it was not too bad.

Praying near the icon of Mary.
View from the rear of the cathedral to the altar.
The crucifix behind the altar with the tabernacle below.
Jesus Divine Workman.
An example of the stained glass windows.
The altar and the wooden ceiling above.
The crucifix and the tabernacle.
The tabernacle.
The icon painting of Mary.
An example of the intricate Stations of the Cross.
The Shakespeare Hotel and Bar.
The SAP building.
The mural of The Creation of Adam across the street from the cathedral.
Detail of The Creation of Adam.
Pedestrians walking by The Creation of Adam.

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