Thanksgiving at 37,000 Feet

Thanksgiving at 37,000 Feet

Bangkok, Thailand – November 26, 2015
Shortly before 23:00, we boarded our Airbus A330-300. We quickly found our seats. The amount of legroom in business class was terrific. The “control panel” for the reclining chair looked like something one might find on the International Space Station. It took us a while to figure out all of the buttons.
At our seats, we each found a goodie bag. They looked similar to small, zippered toiletry bags, each containing socks, eye cover/mask, toothbrush and paste, mouthwash, lotion, etc. We opted not to take them. We did not want the extra weight.

The plane pushed back from the boarding area at 23:28, about seven minutes ahead of schedule. We found it hard to believe Bangkok was just over four hours away.
Shortly after takeoff, the flight attendants began to feed us a wonderful meal. The following is why my weight loss, noted in the previous posting, was very short-lived.
First Course
Grilled U. S. scallop
Beef bresaola
Shell pasta with colored capsicum and Italian vinaigrette
Orange couscous, mesclun salad
Main Course
Beef Karachi
Yellow pilaf
Kaddu ka salan
Pandan sago pudding
Such was our midnight Thanksgiving dinner at 37,000 feet.
We arrived in Bangkok at about 05:50. Our bags were checked through to Auckland, so all we had to do was get from the plane to our day-room.

Sign marking the entrance to Louis’ Tavern and Dayrooms.

We had a layover of about 12 hours. Part of our business class ticket included a reservation at Louis’ Tavern and Dayroom. We checked in at 06:30. The room was small but clean. The beds were particularly tiny. Regardless, we laid down and slept for about four hours.
When we awoke, we decided to walk through the terminal to find a Bangkok refrigerator magnet. We found one quickly, switching our sights to finding something to eat. After all, it was Thanksgiving Day. We ended up at the Bill Bentley Pub. We opted to have a local beer and to share a club sandwich. Leslie did not like the club sandwich.

From the pub, we strolled back to our room. We slept again for a couple of hours.
Our room included a free meal in Louis’ Tavern. Leslie decided on the Phad Thai. I ordered the cream of mushroom soup. Both meals were delicious.
About 20 minutes before 17:00, the wheelchair attendant arrived. He took us to the transit counter so we could get our Bangkok and Auckland boarding passes. Then came the long hike to our gate. Luckily, the Royal Thai Lounge was nearby. We relaxed there as we waited for our boarding time.
We arrived at the gate about 10 minutes before our scheduled boarding time. Finally, at 18:20, some 15 minutes late, we boarded the plane. We were not exactly sure what caused the delay. We began to get concerned about making our connection in Auckland.
We took our seats and waited for the departure. Ultimately, we departed 22 minutes late, at 19:07. The pilot did mention that the problem causing the delay was a suitcase had been loaded, but the passenger had not boarded. We finally pushed away, so the situation was somehow resolved.

The seat controls for our business class seats.

We settled back in the seats on the Boeing 777-200ER for the nearly 10-hour flight to Auckland.

Any issues with a late departure were quickly overcome by a wonderfull meal.

First Serving

Roast mini chicken thigh wrapped in pandan leaves

Served with pandan sauce

First Course

Marinated salmon caramel and stuffed with goat cheese

Grilled zucchini and endive topped with crème Fraiche and balsamic pearl


Cos lettuce with Caesar dressing


Steamed black cod with ginger and spring onion in soya sauce

Steamed brown rice

Sautéed mixed vegetables in XO sauce

Thai Dessert

Steamed flour with coconut and caramel filling

Sticky date cake with butterscotch

After the vast and enjoyable meal, we both settled in to snooze as best we could. I do not think I would say I slept the best I ever had, but it was a darned sight better than when I have had long flights sitting in economy class.

A little less than two hours before our landing in Auckland, it was time for even more food. For breakfast, they served the following:

First Course

Fresh fruit



Stuffed pancake with scrambled eggs and tomato

Pan-fried bacon

Panache of mushroom with cream and herbs

It was a great way to prepare us for New Zealand. We will probably need to be wheeled into the country of New Zealand.

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