Nynäshamn, Sweden – July 16, 2015

This morning at about 07:00, we anchored just offshore from the small Swedish town of Nynäshamn. It was the first time we anchored as opposed to tying up at a dock. Stockholm is the standard cruise ship port. The reason we did not dock in Stockholm is our ship; the relatively new Regal Princess has a draft too deep for the Stockholm port. The draft of our boat was eight meters or about 26 feet of the ship below the waterline. That meant we had to be ferried ashore by the ship’s tenders.

The Regal Princess in the Nynäshamn Harbor.  One can see a tender at the starboard side of the ship.
Tender number 15. The cruise ship is in the distance.

When fully loaded, each of the ship’s tenders holds about 150 people. I can only imagine that we would have had to anchor too far from Stockholm to make tender transportation practical. So, the next best thing was to anchor near Nynäshamn.  That meant the ride from the ship to the shore was about five minutes. Once on the coast, we took a shuttle bus to the train platform. That ride was another seven or eight minutes.

Inside one of the tender boats from the cruise ship to port.  Note that there are people on the upper deck as seen at the rear of the photo.

Many of our shipmates opted to board the train for a one-hour trip to Stockholm. We decided we would stay and explore Nynäshamn. One of the first sights we spotted was a church on a cliff above us. I am not positive, but I believe it is a Lutheran church. We walked roughly northwest along Stymansgr. The church was on our right, so I made a quick side trip to visit. Much like the church in Helsinki yesterday, the church decoration was sparse. It dates from the 1930s, but I was not able to find the name of the church.

The church.
The sun at the steeple.
The church was built in 1930.
The interior of the church.
The interior of the church.
The crucifix.
Mary and the child.
The church II.

Back on the “trail,” joining up with Leslie again, we continued our stroll. The name of our small street changed to Centralgatan. It was the entry to the central business district. For the first block or so, we did some shopping. Then we decided we would go to the Nynäshamn Ångeryggeri brewery. We did finally find it, only to discover the tour was an hour or more away. That, coupled with the fact they could not sell strong beer from that location helped us to decide to continue walking.

The florist shop.
Preparing the display at the florist shop.

After leaving the brewery, we walked into a supermarket. We wanted to get some “salty” snacks to enjoy in our room on the ship. In addition to those snacks, we bought some Swedish chocolate to take to our colleagues at work when we returned to Pakistan.
We found a small cafe not too far from the supermarket where we stopped to try a local beer, Mariestads. It was a tasty lager.

My favorite beer of the day.

After our break, we ended up at the local marina. We found a few tourist items, but most importantly, we found a fantastic restaurant right on the dock of the marina. We both had a hamburger. Leslie enjoyed a glass of white wine with hers while I was able to have a beer from the local Nynäshamn Ångeryggeri brewery, Ladsort lager. It was good, but I liked the Mariestads we had earlier much better.
The hamburgers were the best we have had in quite a long time. I imagine the beautiful setting had something to do with that.

Ready for a wonderful and relaxing lunch.
It has to be beer time.
A friendly and hungry bird.
Two teens strolling by the dock.

We headed back to the tender and the ship at about 14:00. Stockholm may have had more to see and do, but we were pleased with our stroll through Nynäshamn. We were also happy we did not have to rush to get on a train to and from Stockholm. After all, this was supposed to be an R&R trip.

Fierce looking clouds.
Walking her dog.
Departing the grill area.
People congregating at the grill.
Seagull on a lamp.
Another dog.
Laundry day.
The grill picnic area.
The grill picnic area II.
A sailboat departing the dock.
Bringing the Ljuvlia into a slip.
Lots of boat traffic.
Taking Sky Storm out for a sail.
Sailboats at the dock.
Walking his dog, eating ice cream.
Duck curb-stop.
Lunchtime traffic near the dock.
A lady in waiting.
The Nynäshamn municipal flag.
The Nynäshamn municipal building.
Relaxing and talking.
At the flower shop.
Relaxing at a sidewalk cafe.
The yellow house.
Flowers in a street planter.
Bringing flowers to the florist shop.
One of the captain’s crew supervising the departure.
A lighthouse on a rock.
Really…you think I could resist taking a photo of this sign!
The Eight Friends Inn.
The point at which one can leave their dog before entering the pub.
A typical apartment building.
A mail delivery vehicle.

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