At O’Hare

Chicago, Illinois – December 8, 2014

Our weekend with Tyler ended. We dropped him off at base last night. This morning, Leslie, Hillary, and I lounged around at the hotel.

We left the hotel shortly after 11:00 for our trip to O’Hare International Airport. We dropped off the rental car and got on the shuttle for the airport. Once we made it through security, we began to look for a place to have lunch. After a little searching, we came upon Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant.  Although a little expensive, the food was delicious.  I had macaroni and cheese.  The women both had a sandwich.  Each of us raved about our meals.

After lunch, we found a wine bar near the departure gate for Leslie and Hillary’s flight to Colorado. The bar’s name, Bubbles.  A player piano made the atmosphere even more relaxing.

At about 14:30, we parted company.  Leslie and Hillary went to Grand Junction, Colorado, while I went back to Washington, D.C.

People rushing through the O’hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois.
A pilot on his way to his plane at O’hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois.

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