Made it to Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – September 4, 2014

My flight on Delta Airlines required me to wake up at 02:30. Leslie and I had arranged the day before to have a taxi pick me up at the apartment complex at 03:30. I made it to the pick-up point at about 03:20, just as the taxi was arriving.
I loaded my bags, and we were off to Reagan National Airport. I arrived at the airport shortly before 04:00. I checked my bags curbside and entered the terminal. I found out that TSA would not open the security checkpoint until 04:30. I sat at Dunkin Donuts and had a cup of coffee while I waited. It was directly adjacent to the inspection area.
I entered the TSA line at 04:30 and went through with no problem. At the gate, I sat down and ate the Egg McMuffin I had just purchased.
The flight from D. C. to Atlanta was packed. I do not think there were more than one or two seats open. Luckily, it was a relatively short flight.
In Atlanta, I had a couple of hours between flights. I stopped at TGI Friday’s to have a glass of V8 and some toast.
The flight to Tegucigalpa boarded the flight on time and pushed back from the gate a couple of minutes early. A short twelve minutes later and we were in the air.
The Boeing 737 would be in the air for about 3:30. The plane was anything but full with only about 35 passengers. I sat in an exit row with nobody else in the entire row on either side of the plane. We flew over New Orleans and then straight south to Tegucigalpa. We arrived at about 11:30.
After going through Immigration and Customs, an Embassy driver met me. He parked across the street from the airport. We wheeled my two suitcases and carry-on to the waiting vehicle. He drove me to the hotel, where I was able to check-in. When I came back out of the hotel, he drove me to the Embassy.
I quickly discovered that there is no such thing as a straight road here. Besides, the streets snake up and down the mountainous/hilly terrain.
When I returned to the hotel that evening, I was so tired I was in bed by 19:00.

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