Wet Ballgame

Wet Ballgame

Colorado Springs, Colorado – July 3, 2014

We had not yet left Guyana when I purchased the July 3 tickets for the baseball game between the Colorado Springs Sky Sox and the Oklahoma AAA team. I had grand visions of watching the game, eating a hot dog and nachos, and finishing it all with a fantastic display of fireworks–not! I have recorded similar fireworks disappointment elsewhere in my blogs; in particular, about two years ago when we returned from Madrid, Spain.
We arrived at the parking area of Security Service Field about two hours before game time. We had an excellent tailgate time before we walked into the stadium. Inside, Leslie posed with the Coors Light guys. There were a lot of other people streaming into the stadium too.

The good ole U. S. of A.!

A bit of a tailgate before the baseball game.
Number one son at the tailgate.
People arriving at the Sky Sox Security Service Field.
The sign on the entry gate.
A family making their way through the parking lot.
The flags in the field.
Leslie and the Coors Light guys.
Number one son at the seats.
The scoreboard and flags.
The two women!
People streaming into the stadium.
A swing and a miss.
Sox the Fox.
A swing and a miss for the Sky Sox.
Sox the Fox on top of the dugout.

As we waited for the game to begin, the weather was terrific. However, as time progressed in the first inning, the heavens opened up. In addition to raining, it got quite cold. So, because of rain, we decided to leave the Security Service Field ballpark for the warmth and dry of home. Regardless, even though we were there only a short time, it was a lot of fun.
We will try again in a year!

The scoreboard and the impending rain.
It has become very wet.
Ready for the pitch despite the rain.

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