Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

On the 26th, Leslie, Hillary, Tyler and I decided to go to the Orlando Museum of Art. Once again we had to battle traffic on I-4. Apparently many of the locals refer to it as the I-4 parking lot.

When we finally made our destination, we were one of the first in the museum. Unfortunately, their policy does not allow any photographs to be taken in the galleries. Instead, I was able to find photos of some of my favorite pieces online.

In our opinion, the museum was not as good as the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

The museum did have a couple of pieces from our favorite glass blower, Dale Chihuly.

Following are my favorite pieces from the day:

Citron & Cobalt Tower, 2004 by Dale Chihuly

Francis Brooks Chadwick, 1880 by John Singer Sargent

Still Life with Pipe, Newspaper & Tobacco Pouch, 1877 by William Michael Harnett

The West Wind, 1874 by Thomas Ridgeway Gould

Castle Butte, Green River, Wyoming Territory, 1870’s by Thomas Moran

Rose Wall, 1983 by Jackie Ferrara

Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941 by Ansel Adams

Temple Gate, 1985 by Trevor Bell

Youngker, 2002 by Trevor Bell

Swing Forms with a Red, 1990 by Trevor Bell

Jazz, 2001 by Elizabeth Murray

Soundsuit, 2011 by Nick Cave

Marilyn Monroe, 1967 by Andy Warhol

Yellow, Orange, Brown Niijima Float with Rose Red Spiral, 1996, Dale Chihuly

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