Chillin’ in Florida

Chillin’ in Florida

Kissimmee, Florida – December 14, 2013

Up and out the door by 02:15, and by 04:00 we were waiting in the airport for our flight to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Leslie had read in the local newspaper that because of all of the passengers during the holiday period, we would not be required to get off the plane in Port of Spain and go back through security. I was skeptical; however, as it turned out, we did not have to get off.
The 52-minute flight from Georgetown to Port of Spain was very, very bumpy. Usually, bumps do not bother me; however, it was getting to me on this trip. It was mostly cloudy and rainy throughout that flight. It was nice to get back on the ground in Port of Spain.
We waited in Port of Spain on the plane while workers serviced the aircraft and the additional passengers boarded.
Our Caribbean Airlines flight continued to Miami. It was much less bumpy on that leg of the trip. While in the air, we had an omelet, dinner roll, turkey sausage link, and coffee. It was quite good for airline food.
We arrived on time in Miami at 11:35.
We made our way to our gate in Miami, D27. Once we found it, we went to a nearby restaurant and grabbed some lunch.

Gate D27 at Miami International Airport.

When we got back to the gate, we found out they had switched planes. We were now due to leave on a 767.
Upon boarding, we found we had terrific seats in row 13 with plenty of legroom for our 47-minute flight to Orlando.
The flight to Orlando was short and uneventful. We met Leslie’s mom, Lorraine, and our kids, Hillary and Tyler, at the rental car counter shortly after we arrived.
We left the airport by the north exit. In about 40-minutes we were at the Westgate Town Center timeshare condos. We had a villa very similar to what Leslie, Hillary, Tyler, and I stayed in when we visited about ten years ago.

Enjoying cocktails on the terrace.
A budding journalist/photographer.
Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.
Cheers Tyler!
Our Christmas tree for our home away from home.
Daughter and mom.
Sunset on our first night in Kissimmee, Florida.

The following day, while everyone else was napping, Hillary and I sat on the terrace of our condo. That was very enjoyable! It was a beautiful afternoon, right at about 70 degrees. Before the evening wine, Hillary and I walked around the grounds of the condo villas taking photographs.
During our time together, we plotted our adventures for the upcoming days.

An ibis sharing the pond with some ducks.
A rather homely duck…
…and his brother…
My group of tourists.
An ibis by the pond.
An egret in the pond.
The egret taking in the sights.
Detail of a pine tree.
Detail of a palm tree.
Light globes on the property.
Fallen palm nuts.
Blue II.
Blue III.
Flowers II.
Flowers III.
Blue IV.
The water fountain at the Westgate complex.
Flowers IV.
Flowers V.
Flowers VI.
Flowers VII.
Flowers VIII.
Flowers IX.
Flowers X.
Flowers XI.
Flowers XII.
Palm tree detail.

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