Heading for Costa Rica

Heading for Costa Rica
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

The 01:45 wake-up call could be termed a little early. However, that left enough time to finish packing the carry-on and have a cup of coffee.

At about 02:45 our driver arrived. That began our one hour sojourn to the airport. It is always a challenge, especially when it is dark. I was very surprised with the number of vehicles on the road at that hour. Then the driver reminded me it was Friday night/Saturday morning. There were lots of people still partying.

We arrived safely at the airport at about 03:45. That left ample time to check in and clear immigration. Once in the waiting area we got some coffee and a muffin. We simply sat and watched the people.

Boarding began at about 05:00. We were the first summoned to the gate to board, thanks to Leslie’s cane. The bad news is Leslie was then immediately singled out for a second security search. Reflecting back, I guess she should be glad. Yesterday we were not certain she would make the trip. She was running a fever of 101 degrees. Today she did not feel 100% but at least she was not running a fever.

We pushed back from the gate at 05:20, about 15 minutes early. The flight to Port of Spain was short, about 50 minutes, and uneventful.

At the airport we parked at Gate 9. That was at about 06:30. We had to get off the plane and go through security again. Then it was right back to Gate 9 to await boarding. It was nearly 08:00 when we got back to our same seats on the same plane.

We pushed back from the gate on time and were in the air by 08:35.

On that flight we were served a hot sandwich. It was not my favorite, some sort of fish salad. It came with some plantain chips, diet Coke, and a small Kit Kat candy bar. When I travel, my philosophy is to eat what you are presented because it is uncertain when there will be another opportunity to eat. Therefore, I choked down about half of the sandwich.

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