Georgetown, Guyana – August 20, 2012

August 19 will end up being a long day. The entire time I was at the hotel this past couple of weeks, I slept great. On the 19th I woke up at 02:00. I ended up watching a movie on HBO, Bridesmaids. It was funny.

I got out of bed at about 06:45, went downstairs, got a Sunday newspaper, and a cup of coffee. I sat in the restaurant area, waiting for it to open. When it did open, I got my usual scrambled eggs and sausage patties.

After breakfast, I got a cup of coffee to go, grabbed my newspaper and went to my room. There I finished my coffee and paper. Following that, I took my shower, finished getting myself ready, and finished packing. All of that took me up to about 11:00. Check out time was noon, so I headed downstairs.

I hailed a taxi and headed to Reagan National Airport. At the airport, I checked my two bags and entered the terminal. I made my way to the security lines and began my wait. My flight was not scheduled to depart until about 17:00, so I had plenty of time.

Once I made it through security, I stopped at the Tidewater Landing bar. I ordered a salad and a glass of Merlot. After eating the salad, I sat there and worked several Sudoku puzzles.

My last stop before going to the gate was one of the magazine stores. I bought the August 18-24, 2012 issue of The Economist magazine. However, as tired as I am now, I may not open it until tomorrow.

I arrived at JFK Airport in New York, New York, at about 19:00. As soon as I made it to my next gate, I went hunting for somewhere to have dinner. I stumbled across Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill. I had a couple of beers (they did not sell wine), some onion rings, and a dozen wings. It may not have been the healthiest meal, but it sure was delicious for my last American meal for a while.

The table I sat at overlooked the tarmac. While I sat there, a KLM 747 taxied to the gate directly in front of me. I found it very interesting to watch all of the activity that goes into making the plane ready for the next flight. While I was watching the activity around the aircraft, I also saw a fantastic sunset.

Well, I have made it! I can now add South America to the list of continents on which I have been.

I was not able to get any sleep on the plane. I was met at the airport by my sponsors. They drove me to my new home. I kept myself up until about 20:00, and then I crashed.

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