Thyssen Museum

Thyssen Museum
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain This morning we drove to the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. It is one of the Trinity of museums in Madrid, including The Prado and Reina Sofia Museum. We departed the house at about 09:00. We made it to the parking garage at about 09:30. In Madrid, that translates into easily finding a parking spot. We emerged from the parking garage, which happened to be right beside the museum, and began our hunt for a place to have coffee. We stumbled upon a place called Prado D.O.C.C. The initials stood for Denominacion de Origen y Calidad Contrastada. Loosely translated that means Denomination of Origin and Proven Quality. It was located at Calle Prado, 28 at Plaza de las Cortes. After having our coffee we walked the couple of blocks to the museum entrance. It cost 24 Euros to get the three of us into the museum. I was very impressed with this collection. Virtually every item in the museum is from the private Thyssen-Bornemisza collection. There were an extensive number of works covering many centuries. The oldest painting I saw was from 1310. The most recent one I saw was from 1925. I will provide more detail on those below. The following list includes my favorite paintings and works from our visit today. Just prior to entering the exhibit space, there were four marbel sculptures by Rodin. My two favorites were:
  • The Birth of Venus 1906 ( ficha_obra/580 )
  • Christ and Magdalen 1905 ( ficha_obra/579 )
From there we entered the exhibition space and saw:
  • Greenwood Lake Jasper Francis Cropsey 1870 ( ficha_obra/351 ) I particularly liked the colors in this painting.
  • Apache Fire Signal Frederic Remington 1908 ( ficha_obra/760 )
  • Saint-Honore Street in the Afternoon. Effect of Rain Camille Pissarro 1897 ( ficha_obra/613 ) This was a strong favorite of mine. I love the impressionist style in this painting. To me, it really says, “Paris.” I also like this because it reminds me of our time in Paris.
  • The Thaw at Vetheuil Claude Monet 1881 ( ficha_obra/594 )
  • The Stevedores in Arles Vincent Van Gogh 1888 ( ficha_obra/394 )
  • The Woods at Marly Camille Pissarro 1871 ( ficha_obra/758 )
  • Woman in Riding Habit, Fullface Edouard Manet 1882 ( ficha_obra/32 )
  • Bottlle, Carafe, Jug and Lemons Paul Cezanne 1902-06 ( ficha_obra/652 )
  • Gaston Bonnefoy Henri de Toulouse-Latrec 1891( ficha_obra/577 )
  • Swaying Dancer Edgar Degas 1877-79 ( ficha_obra/356 ) This was a favorite of mine and a particular favorite of Leslie.
  • Street in Rouen Paul Gauguin 1884 ( ficha_obra/94 ) This painting reminded me of things we saw when we traveled through the south of France.
  • Evening Edvard Munch 1888 ( ficha_obra/920 ) By the artist that painted the recently sold ($120,000,000) Scream.
  • Head of a Man Picasso 1913-14 ( ficha_obra/1001 ) How could I not like a painting by my favorite Spanish artist?!
  • Conversation Under the Olive Trees Henri Matisse 1921 ( ficha_obra/546 )
  • The Harvesters Picasso 1907 ( ficha_obra/496 ) Once again, my favorite artist.
  • The Jockeys Henri de Toulouse-Latrec 1882 ( ficha_obra/765 )
  • Mata Mua (In Olden Times) Paul Gauguin 1892 ( ficha_obra/710 )
  • The Orchard at Eragny Camille Pissarro 1896 ( ficha_obra/798 ) Both Leslie and I liked this painting.
  • The House Among the Roses Claude Monet 1925 ( ficha_obra/688 ) I must confess, I could not see the house!
  • Charing Cross Bridge Claude Monet 1899 ( ficha_obra/677 ) This was a particular favorite of Leslie. She had seen this in a book prior to our visit. She would like to try to copy this in one of her water color paintings.
  • Watermill at Gennep Vincent Van Gogh 1884 ( ficha_obra/711 )
  • Figures on the Beach in Trouville Eugene Boudin 1869 ( ficha_obra/834 )
  • The Piegans Preparing to Steal Horses from the Crows Charles M. Russell 1888 ( ficha_obra/975 )
  • Christ with the Cross El Greco 1602-07 ( ficha_obra/376 ) I have come to enjoy El Greco’s works much like I have come to enjoy Picasso’s works. Being in a country where there are so many works from each artist, it is hard not to become fond of them.
  • Annunciation El Greco 1567-77 ( ficha_obra/375 )
  • Christ and the Samaritan Woman Duccio de Buoninsegna 1310-11 ( ficha_obra/458 )
I recognize this is a lengthy list; but, it was an amazing collection of art. If one is ever in Madrid, this museum is a must-see. Shortly after viewing Christ and the Samaritan Woman we noticed it was 11:55. We hurried out of the museum and walked toward the Westin Palace Hotel. Just across the street from the hotel is the Groupama Seguros (an insurance company) building. It is known for its clock. When it strikes noon, several statues come out and “dance” during the chiming of the bells. We returned to the museum because we had not been through the gift store. We found a couple of magnets for Leslie’s collection. When we left the store I saw signs for a restaurant in the museum building. We followed the signs to the fifth floor, the top of the building. We sat on the terrace overlooking the entrance of the museum. Tyler had a Coke while Leslie and I had a vino tinto. This time we left the museum and began our walk to the north to the national library. We wanted to go there to do some genealogy research on one of Leslie’s great-grandfathers. He is said to have been an ambassador from Spain to Mexico. It was roughly a half-mile walk. When we got to the front of the library it was about 13:00. Leslie suggested we go in because it might close. I said, “Naw, let’s get some lunch first!” We walked to a restaurant in the median of the road in front of the library. It was the Cafe el Espejo. That just happens to be the restaurant Tyler and I went to last summer when Leslie was in Colorado. For lunch I had a sanwich mixto (grilled ham and cheese). Leslie and Tyler each had muselo de pollo asado con patatas fritas y ensalada (roasted chicken leg with French fries and salad). We also shared a picher of Sangria. Quite frankly, the Sangria was not all that good. We finished up our lunch and arrived at the front doors of the library at about 13:55, only to find they were closing. Leslie had been right! I will have to try to go to the library over the next week or two, during my lunch hour, to see what I can discover. From there, we crossed the street, hailed a taxi, and rode back to the parking garage. By about 14:45 we were in our house and ready for our siestas.

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