Toledo con Tio y Tia

Toledo con Tio y Tia
Toledo, Spain
Toledo, Spain Leslie’s aunt and uncle arrived in Madrid yesterday for a visit. After chilling yesterday to help get over jet lag, we all woke up early this morning to head out to Toledo. Our first stop, as always, was the el Foro restaurant. We sat at a table outside and had a coffee and something to eat. Tyler opted for a croissant with ham and cheese. Tio y tia decided on the fried egg, ham and french fry breakfast. Leslie and I tried the pan con tomate. That restaurant also sells mazapan, a local treat. It is made from a type of almond mousse. They touted that loud and clear on their main window. After leaving the restaurant we made the obligatory trip to the statue of Don Quixote. The province of Castile-la Mancha is the “home” of Don Quixote. It is just off of the Plaza Zocodover. The sun is always just right for a morning photo. After getting a map of Toledo from the tourist information office, we made our way to the main commercial street, toward the Cathedral. All along the way we popped into store after store looking for the just right trinket. Tyler won the prize when he bought some sort of dagger that looks like it came out of Dungeons and Dragons. We ultimately headed back toward the Plaza Zocodover. En route, we decided to sit at a cafe and have a refreshment. We relaxed there for quite a while and then moved on to the plaza. At the plaza, everyone sat down while I dashed up to the ticket office for the tourist train. For all five of us the tickets only came to 22 Euros. The train ride takes one through the streets of Toledo and then ultimately crosses the Rio Tajo so one can see the city from an overlook on the west side of town. The ride takes about 45 minutes. When we got off of the train we began to make our way back to the parking garage. On an overlook near the garage we stopped at a restaurant that overlooks the river. The name of the restaurant was BU Terraza. The lunch we had was wonderful! I had one of my favorites, gazpacho. However, once again, Tyler got the prize for the best meal selection. He had grilled chicken and pineapple skewers. It had a sort of curry sauce and tasted very good. From there, we piled into the car and headed back home.


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