Miraflores for Coffee

Miraflores for Coffee
Miraflores de la Sierra, Spain
Miraflores de la Sierra, Spain Leslie and I had a wonderful outing today. She had recently been talking with a friend about places to go in Spain. The small town of Pedraza was suggested. We decided we would do that today. Tyler opted to stay home. At about 08:45, when we left the house, it was a cool, gray day. Every now and then there was a raindrop on the windshield, but it was not really raining. I decided that on the way to Pedraza we would take the direct route (back roads) and then coming home on the Autopista (Interstate). To help accomplish that I sat the GPS for the small town of Miraflores de la Sierra. We had gone through there once before when we went to the small town of Rascafria. This time we decided to stop and have a coffee. After walking around a little we ended up at la Parroquia Restaurante. That was at about 10:00. I ordered a cafe americano. Leslie asked for a cafe con leche. In addition we decided to have pan con tomate. That is toasted bread with a tomatoe based sauce that goes on as a spread. They serve olive oil and salt with it. The tomatoe sauce is cold. While we were waiting for the toasted bread, the bar tender gave me the coffees. I took them to our table. I went back to the bar to get a small black pan with two cubes of bread. It looked like corn bread; however, it was sweet. I asked the waitress what it is called. She said it was biscocho (biscuit). I told her we really liked it so she brought us two more pieces. Just after we finished the biscocho she brought the pan con tomate. The bread comes dry. There was a dish with the tomato sauce. The sauce also contained small diced onions. One drizzles olive oil on the bread first. The sauce is then spooned on and spread. Lastly, salt is lightly sprinkled on top. It was very tasty. Quite frankly that surprised me because I have tried it before and did not like it. This all cost only 4.50 Euros. The atmosphere was rustic. The entire restaurant was done with knotty pine paneling. The chairs and tables were also made of pine. While we were there, at any one time, eight locals were at the bar.

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