Day Trip

Day Trip
Rascafria, Spain
Rascafria, Spain We drove north out of Pozuelo, up and over the Sierras, to the small town of Rascafria. It is a quaint town nestled in a valley. We walked around town and did a little shopping. We also found a restaurant in which we had coffee and churros. When we finished, we drove just outside of town to the Monasterio de El Paular. We stopped there for a tour. The first portion of the tour was viewing 50 or 60 paintings that told the story of St. Bruno and the Carthusian Monks. After that we went on a tour of the monastery led by one of the monks. It was quite spectacular. It always amazes me how such marvels were constructed with such rudimentary tools and technology. At the end of our tour we bought some honey that the monks bottle. Lastly, we drove toward Segovia. We stopped at the Parque Natural de Penalara. We parked the car and had a picnic lunch under a pine tree while overlooking the mountain peaks. It was beautiful.


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