First Bullfight

First Bullfight
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain I went to my first, and probably only bullfight. Leading up to the spectacle, I was able to tour the bullfighting museum and the bullring, Las Ventas. That all made my experience much more enjoyable because it gave me some background about the event and how it unfolds. I sat in the shade, just above the gate that is used to drag the dead bull from the ring. There were not a great deal of people in attendance. The bullring holds around 22,000 people. I estimate there were only about 7,000 or 8,000 there. I think that is partly because it was a Novillada. That is sort of a “beginners” bullfight. The bulls are younger and smaller. The bullfighters are not as experienced or well known as some others. It was not quite as bloody as I thought it might be; however, there was plenty of blood. On average, it took 30 minutes from the time the bull entered the ring until the bull was dragged out of the ring. At each bullfight, there are three matadors and six bulls. I left after the third fight. I had had enough. Regardless, I am glad that I at least experienced that part of Spanish culture.


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