Sabado en Espana – Palacio de Riofrio

Sabado en Espana – Palacio de Riofrio
Palacio de Riofrio, Spain
Palacio de Riofrio, Spain Following the signs from Navas de Riofrio, I finally made it to the gate of the grounds of the Palacio y Bosque de Riofrio. I had been told this was a hunting palace. I had wanted to see it for some time. The tour was about an hour long, in Spanish. That made my head hurt. My Spanish is just ok. If I have to concentrate for that long to decipher what is being said, I just end up hitting the eject button. Regardless, I did enjoy the tour. Like the other palaces in Spain, photos of the interior are not allowed. Once the tour was over, I went outside and took some photos of the grounds. The ticket I bought to enter the palace also could be used to enter the Palacio Real de la Granja in San Ildefonso about 10 or 15 kilometers away. I have visited that palace two or three times, so I did not want to see it again. Instead, I wanted to tour the gardens, something I had not done very extensively in the past. When I left the Palacio Riofrio parking lot, I set sail for San Ildefonso.


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