Sabado en Espana – Navas de Riofrio

Sabado en Espana – Navas de Riofrio
Navas de Riofrio, Spain
Navas de Riofrio, Spain I had quite a day today. I drove to Valle de los Caidos, only to be told it was still closed. That was disappointing. That was at about 09:30. So, I decided I would drive to San Rafael. Leslie and I have been through that town before. I thought it would be worthwhile to stop there and explore. When I arrived, for whatever reason, I decided not to stop. I continued north toward Segovia. On the way I saw a sign for the Palacio Riofrio. As part of my “detour” I ended up in the small village of Navas de Riofrio. Besides the villages of Patones de Arriba and el Atazar, this has to be the smallest village I have explored. I stopped there around 11:00 and had a cup of coffee. There was a large group of people at a table when I sat down. As I was sitting, one of the men asked me in Spanish to take their photo and to post it on Facebook, so I did. They thought that was great. As I drove north out of town, I saw one of the funniest signs I have seen in quite some time. It was a regular highway sign noting to be aware of game crossing. Someone had drawn in a motorbike or bicycle below the deer. Of course I had to stop and take a picture. As I continued on toward Segovia, I did stumble across another sign for the Palacio Riofrio. I took a left turn and headed to the palace.

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