On top of the Mountains

On top of the Mountains
Puerto de Navacerrada, Spain
Puerto de Navacerrada, Spain When I left San Ildefonso, I drove toward Puerto de Navacerrada. That is my preferred route between home and Segovia. As I have noted before, that is because I like the mountains. It definitely reminds me of Colorado. When I arrived at Puerto de Navacerrada I took a left, to the northeast, toward the town of Rascafria. Puerto de Navacerrada is a ski village, so there is a vast parking lot. I stopped there for a few moments to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain down to the valley floor. Somewhere out there in the distance lay Segovia. When I got back in the car, I continued northeast. The road wound through a very beautiful forest. At one point I stopped and walked around a little. I was surprised to find ferns growing. I do not picture the Madrid area as being the perfect climate for ferns. Regardless, they were very pretty. The road wound through the forest, gradually descending to the town of Rascafria. By this point in my long day, I was too tired to stop. However, I made the mental note to return to this very picturesque town with Leslie and Tyler. After nearly a 190 mile loop, I made it back home!


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