Col d'Aubisque

Col d'Aubisque
Col D'Aubisque, France
Col D’Aubisque, France After leaving Laruns, we began our climb into the Pyrenees to the Col d’Aubisque. Laruns is at 499 meters (1,637 feet). The Col d’Aubisque is at 1,709 meters (5,606 feet), a vertical climb of 1,210 meters (3,969 feet). Some of the climb was at as much as a 14% grade! I was not certain my 4Runner was going to make it! I cannot imagine riding a bike up that. When we got to the summit we found there were a couple of buildings that were selling tourist souvenirs, drinks, and food. Needless to say, we bought a few things. We also saw numerous wild horses. They did seem to be fairly tame. They were large, stocky horses. Both on the climb and on the descent, we were shocked by how narrow the road is, even though it is a two-way road. When we passed other vehicles, my right side tires were sometimes off of the pavement. On the way down we saw several cows. We could hear their cowbells. Once we made it down, we made a beeline to Lourdes and then back to our apartment in Pau. We head back to Madrid tomorrow.


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