Toledo with Hillary & Becca

Toledo with Hillary & Becca
Toledo, Spain
Toledo, Spain With the exception of Tyler, we all went to Toledo today. When we arrived we went to our favorite little coffee shop, el Foro de Toledo. We had some coffee and some pastries. It is a little cafe right on the corner of the main plaza, Plaza Zocodover. Hillary was a little cold so she wanted to sit inside. We did, but it was so hot! I was very happy to get back outside. From the cafe we walked toward the Museo de Santa Cruz. On the way there is a statue of don Quixote. We all took turns taking photos with the statue. We continued on to the museum and sat on some benches. We had to wait for the museum to open at 10:00. Just a minute or two after it opened we went in. For me, this is an amazing museum for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it is free! Secondly, it houses some amazing works by el Greco. He had lived and worked in Toledo. Once inside I immediately took us upstairs to see those famous paintings. It is very cool to be able to enjoy those paintings with virtually no one else around. I took several photographs of them. I hope they turn out well. One of these times i want to go to the museum of the home of el Greco. When we left the museum we began to walk toward the Cathedral. It took a while to get there because Leslie and the girls stopped in nearly every store along the way. Also along the way we encountered several street performers. They were funny and very talented. Probably the best were the man and woman trapeze artists. They were set up right in front of the Cathedral. The Cathedral in Toledo is by far the most amazing Cathedral I have ever been in. Since we were there during the festival of Corpus Christi, the huge monstrance was in place at the high altar for adoration. During the trip, I finally found the name of the “thing” I had seen on a previous trip with the Monsignor, Manga de Terciopelo Rojo. A priest told us in Spanish that it is used in the processions. Now that I have the name I will have to look it up and research exactly how it is used. When we came out of the Cathedral, we walked with a street vendor to a building where they make the traditional Damascene objects. We were able to watch them working. We ultimately bought a couple of trinkets. We left there, had lunch, went back to the car and drove home. It was very hot, so when we got home we all got in the swimming pool. That was refreshing.


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