AMO/Barcelona Quarterly Trip

AMO/Barcelona Quarterly Trip
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain Tyler and I arrived in Barcelona today at about 17:30. He said this is his favorite city, even though we had not yet been here two hours! Tonight we are going to a restaurant that overlooks the marina. It is called La Gavina. Supposedly they are known for their paella. The high-speed train was wonderful as always. This particular train was non-stop, so we got here in about two and a half hours. That sure beats the times I have driven here with my friend Ron. Those trips are usually six or six and a half hours. Tyler thought the Le Meridien is the best hotel he has ever stayed in. He thought it was amazing that there was a television and a telephone in the bathroom. As it turns out, we did eat at La Gavina. There were four of us. We shared two different types of paella. I am not a real fan of paella; however, last night it was pretty good. On our way to and from the restaurant, we walked by the Joan Miro sculpture by the marina. I think it is a fascinating piece of art. On the first full day in Barcelona, we took one of the Locally Employed Staff, Josefina, to lunch. She suggested Moncho’s on Travessera de Gracia. It was very good. The three of us shared three different dishes; croquetas, calamari, and a salad. Upon returning to the hotel late that afternoon, Tyler and I decided to walk around the area. Initially, we walked north on La Rambla to Plaza Catalunya. It so happened that there were many protesters occupying the plaza. There were tents, tarps, and ramshackle living areas. We were both surprised that many of the protesters had actually staked out camping spots in the trees. I am not exactly sure what the protests were for, but there did not seem to be anything in particular happening when we walked through the plaza. The other thing that was odd that afternoon were the pigeons. There were hundreds of them in the plaza. Many others had noticed that, so there were a lot of people in the plaza taking photos of the pigeons. For dinner that night, we went to El Asador de Aranda. It is a very unique building. Its architecture sort of has a Moorish influence. The restaurant specializes in lamb; however, both Tyler and I had a steak instead. It was good. I would definitely go back.


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