Shopping in Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain My good friend, Ron, and I drove to Barcelona to do some shopping. We arrived late on the 12th, bought the items on the 13th, and returned late to Madrid. On the drive, one sees hundreds of wind turbines. My understanding is that Spain has one of the biggest markets in the world for wind turbines. As one drives by the wind turbines it is amazing to see the size. Each blade is about the size of a tractor-trailer rig, huge! The other frequent sight along virtually any Spanish highway is the black bull. It is actually the symbol for the Osborne Bodega, a winery. The bull is omnipresent in all sorts of advertising and tourist gifts throughout Spain. While we were driving toward Barcelona, we overtook a truck carrying horses for the Spanish National Police mounted unit. A little farther on we passed another truck. That was the first time I had seen this. I have never actually seen a National policeman on a horse. I am not sure where they were going. As we got to Zaragoza, we decided it was time for lunch. We stopped at a McDonald’s. In Spain, McDonald’s are a frequent sight. However, what is not frequent is to see a drive through McDonald’s. Those are very unusual. After taking a photo of the sign, a security guard stopped to question us about what we were doing. I found that a little odd, but nothing came of the incident. When we arrived in Barcelona, we checked into our hotel. After getting settled, we went out to explore life on La Rambla. That street is always full of fascinating things and characters. We ended the evening with a late Spanish dinner at the Attic restaurant, which happens to be across the street from the hotel. Driving back to Madrid we decided to not use the toll road. That was a bit of an error. The non-toll road is a two lane highway that winds through small villages and is filled with trucks. Close to Zaragoza we were able to get back on the freeway and took that all the way back to Madrid. Regardless, some of the night shots I got from the car were fun.


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