Lagartera Embroidery

Lagartera Embroidery
Lagartera, Spain
Lagartera, Spain Leaving Oropesa, we headed to Lagartera, a small town only about seven kilometers away. Prior to our trip we had done some research on the area. We knew Lagartera is renown for the embroidery made there, like tablecloths and bedspreads. Once there, we stumbled across the store, Bordados de Lagartera. The woman that greeted us was the owner of the store, Rocio Lozano Montero. She was extremely nice and friendly. We bought a tablecloth from her. It cam with 15 embroidered napkins that were absolutely amazing. She enjoyed Leslie’s enthusiasm so much, that in addition to the items we bought, she gave us a gift of an embroidered toilet paper roll holder. From there, we decided to stop by the village of Puente del Arzobispo.


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