el Puente del Arzobispo

el Puente del Arzobispo
El Puente del Arzobispo, Spain
El Puente del Arzobispo, Spain From Lagartera, we drove to the small town of el Puente del Arzobispo. We found a quaint little ceramic store, Luis de la Cal Fernandez. According to the business card, it is known for ceramic “hecho y decorado a mano” (made and decorated by hand). At that store we bought twelve soup bowls, a large serving bowl, and some hand painted tiles. The tiles had local scenes on them. The son of the owner of the store suggested we try the restaurant el Alfar for lunch. It was essentially across the street. We went there, carrying our purchases. I had the menu del dia. The first plate was a bean soup. It was great! For the second plate, Leslie had a pork dish and I had a small steak. We topped it off with coffee. During the meal we also had a glass of red wine. All of that came to 16 Euros, quite a deal! After lunch we walked through the town. One of the sites we saw was the church of Santa Catalina. According to a sign on the side of the church, it was finished in the 14th century. From the church, we wound our way to the bridge from which the town takes its name, el Puente del Arzobispo. It, like the church, was completed in the 14th century. The age of sites in Spain never cease to amaze me!


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