6.5k Day Hike

6.5k Day Hike
Navalagamella, Spain
Navalagamella, Spain My good friend, Ron, and I took this hike. I had researched a trail near the small town of Navalagamella. It was about 25 miles west of where we live. The hike itself was about 6.5 kilometers. I selected the route because it had “ruins” along the route. There was one that we could not find. It was the one at the farthest point out. There was one high point very near the western edge of Navalagamella from which the view was spectacular. We could see some of the snow covered mountains that are north and west of Madrid. There was not any snow where we were, but it was cold. We arrived at the trail head at about 10:00 in the morning. According to the thermometer in my 4Runner it was 24F. So, it was very cold. The good news is it was a nice, sunny day with beautiful blue skies. About halfway through the hike we came upon a small stream. It was very picturesque. The sound of the stream was also very soothing. We walked downstream along the trail. In doing so we came upon a ruin. It was the remnants of an old flour mill. What was there was a trough leading to a circular tube. All of what was remaining was made out of stone and some brick. The circular tube was about 25 feet tall. The trough was probably about 25 feet long. The trail was on the side of a fairly steep slope, so the trough ended up being about 25 feet above the ground. So as the trough transited that space it was supported by a large stone and brick arch. The mill operated off of this hydro-power. The water flowed into the tube. The tube’s diameter narrowed as it neared the bottom. That combination increased the pressure which was used to operate the mill wheel. It was interesting to see just how that technology worked. As we continued downstream we saw a second ruin. The only thing left was the stone water tube. When we got back to the 4Runner it was only about 40F. That was at 13:30. Now I will try to find another route.


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