Barcelona Quarterly Visit

Barcelona Quarterly Visit
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain I rode here with my good friend Ron. We left Madrid at about 08:30 and arrived in Barcelona at about 15:00. We unloaded our cargo, left the vehicle at the office, and took a taxi to the Hotel Claris. After we got settled there we went up to the rooftop bar and had a drink. We sat there quite a while talking; however, we both only had one drink each. The last time he and I were here we had gone down near the beach. There we sat outside of a Mexican restaurant, had a beer and ate some tortilla chips. This time we decided to go back there and have dinner. The restaurant is called Cafe Mexicana. We sat inside this time because it was cold and there was some drizzle. For dinner I had a ground beef taco for the first course. It was served in a flour tortilla. For the main course I ordered what the restaurant called Lasagna Tex Mex. It was tremendous. It was served in a clay pot about one inch high and five inches across. It had obviously just come out of the oven because the pot was on top of a small, round piece of wood. On the bottom in the pot was a flour tortilla. On top of that was ground beef and beans. Then there was some Edam cheese. Then another layer just like the first was added. Lastly, one final flour tortilla was placed on top with more Edam cheese sprinkled on top. It was absolutely delicious! On the second night, Ron and I went to the restaurant Siete Portos. It is down near the harbor. I have had several people tell me I should go there but I had never done so. It was really quite good. They started us with some bread and wine. With the bread they served four different types of olive oil. There were also some olives to share. The first course was a lobster bisque soup. It was quite tasty. The main course was a steak; however, it was served in a manner I have never seen. It was on a large bone. Arranged around the bone were slices of the cooked steak. The slices were about 3/8″ thick. The side dish were whole, roasted peppers. They sort of looked like jalapenos, but they were not hot at all. For the final course I had lemon sorbet. That was a very refreshing way to end the meal. The bill was 106 Euros, about $150. As I am writing this I am thinking about the Mexican meal the prior night. I realized I had neglected to note that yogurt was also an ingredient in the Lasagna Tex Mex. Even though the steak meal was very good, my favorite by far was still the Lasagna Tex Mex.

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