Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, Virginia – October 9, 2010

Today was Mount Vernon day.  I had wanted to go to Mount Vernon while we lived in the Washington, D.C. area, but we were just never able to string it together.

Today I took a taxi to oldtown in Alexandria.  I bought a ticket from the Potomac Riverboat Company for US$40. That ticket was good for a round-trip to and from Mount Vernon.  It also included my entry admission to Mount Vernon.  All in all, I thought it was a great deal.  It was about an hour and one-half trip each way.  That included a couple of stops on each leg.

The Alexandria marina and Torpedo Factory.
The Potomac River Boat helm.
Pulling away from the dock at Alexandria, Virginia.
Another view of the marina and Torpedo Factory.
Some docked yachts.
Our captain has us underway.
A small home along the Potomac River.

When I toured the house at Mount Vernon, we entered the large dining room first.  The verdigris green paint in this room is not my favorite.  From there the tour wound out to the front veranda and then back into the house at the main entrance.  Then our guide led the group up the stairs to the second level. On that level, we were able to view the upper hall, blue bedroom, Lafayette bedroom, and the Nelly Custis bedroom. The tour then went through the yellow bedroom. After passing through that bedroom, one was able to look into the Washingtons’ bedroom. From there it was back down to the main floor, through the study, and out the back door.

Our first glimpse of Mount Vernon from the Potomac.
George Washington’s tomb. Martha is on the left.
The inscription above the tomb.
The side of Mount Vernon that faces the Potomac River.
The side of Mount Vernon facing away from the river.
An iconic view of Mount Vernon.
A greenhouse at Mount Vernon.
People lined up along the colonnade to begin the tour of Mount Vernon.
The Potomac River as seen from Mount Vernon.
The stable at Mount Vernon.
The Powel Coach.
The south side of Mount Vernon.
Our final view of Mount Vernon from the river.
Fort Washington.
Fort Washington and a lighthouse.

It really was quite fascinating to see the mansion and grounds. One of these days I will read a biography on General George Washington to get a better picture of this founding father.  I am glad I went today.

As the Potomac Riverboat went back north on the Potomac toward the marina at Alexandria, we passed a motor yacht that was heading south on the Potomac, the Hilarium. It is a fairly large yacht at 134 feet.  The yacht was built in 1986 at a shipyard in the Netherlands.  There is room enough on board for ten guests and eight crew members.

The Hillarium on the Potomac River.
A tugboat heading north on the river.

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