Downtown Madrid with the Monsignor

Downtown Madrid with the Monsignor
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain This morning, the Monsignor and I hopped on the Metro and rode to the Opera stop. From there we walked to the Palacio Real. We went on the palace tour. We toured several rooms in the palace that were absolutely awesome. When we came out of the palace, we went into the Royal Armory museum. There were tons of suits of armor for both man and beast. There were also tons of swords, firearms, and crossbows. Lastly at the palace, we went through the pharmacy. It was housed in the actual rooms that were used early on in the history of the palace. It was extremely interesting to see how the pharmacy was furnished. When we left the palace, we literally walked next door to the Almudena Cathedral. This particular tour allows people to go up on the level of the bell towers. The views from up there were really quite amazing. Coming down from on high, we went into the Cathedral itself. It was a very nice Cathedral; however, it was surprisingly modern on the inside. I really did not like it that much. It was not anything like the other Cathedrals we have seen. Leaving the Cathedral, we walked to the Mercado San Miguel and then to the Plaza Mayor. Once inside the Plaza Mayor, we stopped at a sidewalk cafe for lunch. After lunch we walked to the Puerta del Sol. Then, we walked very near the Prado museum because the Monsignor wanted to buy some hand-fans. We got on the Metro and headed home after that.


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