Reina Sofia Museo

Reina Sofia Museo
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain Earlier today, Hillary and I went on what will probably be our last father-daughter date before she goes to college. We went to the Reina Sofia Museum. We both liked this museum a lot more than the Prado. Modern art is not necessarily my favorite style; however, I really enjoyed seeing all of the works by Picasso and Salvador Dali. Just possibly the best part of our visit today was that admission for everyone was free! We walked through a lot of the museum and took a lot of photographs. After the museum we walked across the plaza and had lunch. I had a pizza and Hillary had pasta. When we finished lunch we walked north to an area near the Prado. We were on a mission to buy Leslie a new hand-fan. The one she had was broken. Hillary and I walked back to the Metro and rode home.


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