Lladro Factory

Lladro Factory
Tavernes Blanques, Spain
Tavernes Blanques, Spain At the souvenir store at Oceanografic, I bought a book called All Valencia. When we returned to the hotel, Leslie and I went to a nearby cafe for a cocktail. While we were there, I opened the book. I happened to notice a small segment in the book about the Lladro factory. I knew Leslie’s mom wanted to get a Lladro figurine. I asked her if she wanted to go to the factory. Of course she said yes. So, on our last morning in Valencia, we arranged for two taxis to take us all to the factory. The factory is in a small town just north of Valencia. We arrived fairly early and found ourselves in the first tour group of the day. Most parts of the various figurines are molded plaster. The more complex pieces have several different molds. When each piece is rigid enough they are “welded” together with additional wet clay. The figurines are then painted by hand and ultimately fired. One part of the figurines that are entirely made by hand are flowers. If there are any included, each flower is literally made by hand. We were able to watch that happen. The ladies were amazing that did this. After the tour we were able to walk around the store. There were beautiful pieces displayed everywhere, each one for sale. There was one figurine, “The Queen of the Nile” that was several figures on a boat nearly three feet long. The sales price was 120,000 Euros or about $160,000. We decided not to buy one! When we were finished with our tour we called two taxis to take us to the airport. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 16:00. We arrived at the airport at about 13:00. We ate lunch at Burger King. We went to our gate and began to wait. As it got close to the time for us to board the plane, they began to announce that they were having mechanical problems. We kept waiting and waiting. Finally we all left the gate area and went down to the Ryan Air counter. We had to wait until 18:00 before we could either get a refund or change our flight. We ultimately changed our flight to the one that was scheduled to depart at 21:00. The time to board came and went. Finally, at nearly 22:00 they allowed us to board a plane. We got to Madrid at around 23:30. By the time we walked to the Metro and made our way home, it was nearly 01:30. Other than the flight debacle, our Valencia trip was great!


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