Another Trip to Segovia

Another Trip to Segovia
Segovia, Spain
Segovia, Spain We drove to Segovia earlier today with my parents. We did encounter a little bit of snow in the area of Puerto de Navacerrada. When we arrived, we walked directly to the Alcazar to tour the castle. En route, I paid particular attention to the facades of the buildings we passed. Most of the buildings in old town Segovia have decorative plaster facades. Each has its own design. So, on this trip I took photographs of many of the buildings. One of the most famous facades in Segovia is the Casa de los Picos. The Picos are diamond shaped blocks of stone that protrude from the facade of the building. It was constructed in the 15th century by the Count of Fuensalida. Once at the Alcazar, since Leslie and I had not previously been in the tower, I made sure our tickets included the tower and the palace. I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. The tower is a large rectangular structure situated in the center of the main facade of the Alcazar. When we entered the tower there was a fairly large and wide staircase that took us up about one floor. Then we went through a small door that led to a stone, spiral staircase. We found out later there were 152 stairs in that staircase. On the way up we passed a couple of people coming down. We had to suck up to the wall to let them pass. Then we heard some young people coming down that were speaking French. It seemed like they would never stop coming down. My dad counted 58 kids. We thought we would never get to the top. When we got to the top we were all tired. We vowed we would never do that again. We were all wishing there was an elevator. So, even thought the tower is large, all we saw was a staircase and a view from the top of the tower. I am not sure what else is in the tower. During this tour of the Alcazar, much like I did on our walk to the Alcazar, I concentrated on wall decoration and patterns. Inside the Alcazar there are numerous patterns. Some are done in plaster and then painted, while others are done with tiles from the local area. Much like the facades, they are very intricate and interesting.


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