Tourist Train – Palma to Soller

Tourist Train – Palma to Soller
Soller, Spain
Soller, Spain This morning before everyone else got up, I took some time to sit on the patio of our hotel room and watch the sunrise over the Mediterranean. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had had a cup of coffee too. After everyone else rose and showered, we all went to breakfast. It was a breakfast buffet. This is the first buffet I have seen in Spain. The main activity for the day was a ride on the train. A friend at the Embassy had told me of the Soller tourist train. After breakfast I ran down the street to the ATM so that I would have money to pay for the two taxis to the Palma-Soller-Palma train station. When I got back to the hotel, the two taxis were waiting for us. The taxis took us to the train station in the downtown area of Palma de Mallorca. We bought round trip tickets to Soller. I believe it was about 10 Euros per person. The train was electric. It was a wooden train, circa 1920. It would take us to this small town in the mountains, Soller. The train was about seven or eight cars long. We got on the fourth car from the rear, for no particular reason. After we found seats, I exited the car to go to the front of the train to take a photograph. As I was walking back I saw what looked like a first class area in the first car. There were plenty of seats, so I ran back to the other car and told everyone to come quickly to the first car. The seats we left behind were hard, wooden slats. The seats in the first class car were plush, upholstered seats. In the first class car, we met a delightful couple from England, Ray and Val. They looked to be in their early to mid-sixties. Ray mentioned that he had been on the show, Cash in the Attic five times. The ride to the small town of Soller took about an hour. That included a couple of stops. One of the stops was just before a tunnel at an overlook. From there we were able to see the entire town of Soller. The train goes through 15 tunnels. That count is courtesy of Tyler. This train is a hidden gem! It was was absolutely a blast!


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