Port de Soller – Hidden Jewell

Port de Soller – Hidden Jewell
Port de Sóller, Spain
Port de Sóller, Spain From Soller we boarded a trolley for Port de Soller. It too was circa 1920. I believe it was two or three Euros per person. The short trip took about 30 minutes. When we first saw the bay and town of Soller from the trolley, we fell in love with it! When we arrived in Soller, it was like stepping into a postcard. By far, this is our favorite town; not just in Spain, but on the entire planet! We walked around the town, mainly near the shops along the waterfront. Although we did venture down a couple of side streets. We ate lunch in a small restaurant overlooking the marina. After lunch, instead of taking the trolley back to Soller, we opted to take taxis. It was a little more expensive, but it was quicker. At the train, we happened to get in “first class” again. And who was there, but Ray and Val! Once again, we had a lovely trip with them. On this return trip, another couple from Germany rode in the car with us. When we arrived in Palma, we took a taxi back to our hotel. On the way, the taxi driver drove by the Palma marina. There were some massive yachts moored there.


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