Thanksgiving in Rota

Thanksgiving in Rota
Rota, Spain
Rota, Spain We were fortunate enough to spend our Thanksgiving holiday in Rota, Spain and the surrounding area. This was the first time the kids had ever seen the ocean. Being on a point, Rota is bordered on two sides by the Atlantic Ocean. It is just across the Bay of Cadiz from the town of Cadiz. On this trip, we did not have time to make a trip to Cadiz. The Navy Lodge, on the U. S. portion of the Spanish Naval base is where we stayed. We had Thanksgiving dinner there. We were able to enter the mess hall, pay for the meal, and then have it served to us by the U.S. Captain, the base commander. Many of his officers and their families helped serve the meal. It was really quite good. However, it was a little odd not having our traditional Thanksgiving dinner at home. The base also had an extensive commissary and exchange store. For “Black Friday”, the day after Thanksgiving, we plan to shop there to get some of our Christmas bargains. Other businesses on the base that made us feel at home included Subway, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Baskin Robbins. It was like a little piece of the United States. Rota has a spectacular lighthouse which is just across the street from the Port of Rota. On this particular day, the weather was either cloudy and rainy, or there were spectacular blue skies. One of the locals told us the population of the town at this time of year was around 25,000 to 30,000. In the summer, the town swells to nearly 300,000. Many, many people come to enjoy the beaches in the summer. In the plaza at the city hall building, we saw a plaque commemorating Bartolome Perez, one of the men that sailed with Christopher Columbus. Rota was a very quaint town which we very much enjoyed exploring.


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