El Rastro

El Rastro
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain This was our very first trip in Spain. Today we went with several people to the Rastro. That is a huge open-air market in the heart of Madrid. It was packed with people. We had to be constantly aware of pickpockets. We did not get victimized, but we constantly had to be on our guard. Leslie bought a small coin purse for 2 Euros and a small leather purse for 10 Euros. Hillary bought a pair of pants and some earrings. After we had walked the Rastro, we stopped for a lunch. One of the people we were with bought us some bocadillos. They are a small sandwich on a small roll. It was very tasty with a beer. We left that restaurant and walked into the Plaza Mayor. It was a unique feeling to be standing in a place I had heard and read so much about. From there we walked to the Puerta del Sol. It is the center of Spain. All of the roads emanate from there and are measured from there. From Sol, we took a bus back to the embassy and then we took a taxi home. I think today was really the first day we felt like we were in Spain.


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