American History Museum

American History Museum
Washington DC, DistrictofColumbia
Washington DC, DistrictofColumbia The National Museum of American History is another of my favorites. I like the Air and Space museum more; however, the American History museum is very good. On any particular day, the main entrance to the museum is bustling with people. We had carried our lunch with us on this day’s outing. After touring the American History museum, we sat down outside the front entrance to eat. That was not only a welcome break, but it allowed us the opportunity to “people watch”. At times, that was more interesting than the exhibits inside. One of the exhibits that I enjoyed was the inaugural dresses of the First Ladies of the United States. It is always so interesting to me to see what people have worn in the past as well as getting an opportunity to see their stature. I was struck with how tiny many of the dresses are. The other area of the museum I found particularly interesting was the transportation exhibits. I especially liked the 1401 Steam Locomotive. I think one reason I liked this locomotive is because it was not all black like most of the locomotives of that time. The green really stands out. It reminds me of something you would be more likely to see in Great Britain. I recommend this museum to others.


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