TDY Arrival

TDY Arrival
Falls Church, VA
Falls Church, VA I made it to Oakwood today, my new home. The drive here was a little dicey. I drove in fog for a long way. I don’t think I was out of the fog until I got to West Virginia. After that, it was just cloudy with some intermittent rain. The fog was so thick at times that all I could think about were those reports that occur periodically of the massive wrecks that happen in fog. Thankfully I made it through with no problems. As I noted yesterday, I was on the road today without a GPS. However, prior to the start of the trip, I had printed driving directions. Regardless, once I got within about seven miles of Oakwood, I got lost. I drove around a little bit, but finally stopped. I pulled out my laptop and located where I was and where I needed to go. Finally, at about 13:00, I pulled into the Oakwood parking lot. It took me until about 16:30 to check-in, get everything unloaded, and get everything put away. As soon as that was done, I checked the web to find a church and a grocery store. By the time I went to that grocery store, got home and ate dinner, it was about 19:30. In total, from Colorado Springs to Falls Church, I drove just under 1,700 miles. I am certainly glad I was able to spread that over three days! As I wrote on the first day of this journey, we were very poor. The only way I was able to afford this three day journey and hold out for my first paycheck was by selling virtually all of our possessions in Colorado Springs. Actually, it was rather liberating to do that. We were able to live off of that money until I was able to get an advance from the Department of State into our checking account. Leslie and the kids remain in Colorado Springs. They will join me after they complete their school year. That will likely be late May.


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