Last Day

Last Day
Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs, CO This was my last day in COS, as well as my last night spent in our home on Squaw Valley. I went to sleep with some trepidation because a big blizzard was due the next morning. The weather forecast was calling for as much as one foot of snow. As much as I like to be ahead of things, this prospect made me very nervous. Regardless, heading to Washington, D.C. to begin training for my new job with the Department of State is very exciting. I wonder where this “Great Adventure” will take my family and me? The evening prior, March 24, we had a farewell dinner with Father Larry at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Pueblo Viejo. My family and I have been waiting for this moment since October 17, 2007, when I first applied with the Department of State. I made the application on-line at after receiving a tip from a friend in Boy Scouts that there were tons of jobs on that site. He specifically mentioned real estate jobs. When I did my search I found a posting for a job at a U. S. embassy. After I hit the submit button, I did not hear anything for months. Since my application had gone in on a website, I had no one with whom I could followup to check the status of my application. It was not until late May or early June of 2008 that I finally received a letter from the Department of State. It was an invitation to go to Washington, DC for an interview for the position scheduled for July 18. At that time we were as poor as two church mice. We had no idea where or how we would come up with the money necessary for this trip. However, we ultimately decided we had no choice. We had to find the money. Somehow we were able to do that. I arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on July 17. From the airport I took a bus and ultimately the Metro to get close to my hotel. Then I walked the final few blocks to the hotel. The next morning I went to a building near my hotel for my interview and assessment. After my interview, I was given a job offer immediately; however, it was conditional upon my passing a complete physical examination and obtaining a clearance. I received my full medical clearance on August 17, 2008. On November 18, 2008, I received a letter granting my clearance. On January 9, 2009, I received a letter informing me I had passed the final review. I was then placed on a list from which they hire candidates. Finally, on January 13, 2009, I received an e-mail from the Department of State officially offering me the job. The e-mail indicated I had 10 business days to respond. Needless to say, I took only about 10 seconds to respond yes! I was ordered to go to Washington, DC to begin my training on March 30, 2009. Now that Great Adventure is truly beginning.


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